How to get a mask or masks for personal use

posted over 1 year ago by elizwyatt from Corvallis Sewing Brigade
This update is over 30 days old.

Hello! To get a mask, please hit the "I have a need" button on this page and enter your information. If you tell us you need a mask How many people need them If you care about not having flowers, tell us how many guys there are. If there are children, age and gender of children If you prefer the tie kind that usually have a pocket for a filter or the over the ear elastic kind that do not. Then whether you can pickup in NW Corvallis or if you need a delivery. We usually fill orders within 24 hours. Masks are picked up from a location that we will give you. They are not at our donation facility. Thanks!


  • Need a mask for 84-year-old male, with underlying health problems. Over the ear elastic, no flowers. Also, a 72-year-old female. Over the ear elastic, flowers OK. Thank you.

    lulubear "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Pickup OK for 84-year-old male and 72-year-old female. Thank you.

    lulubear "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Need a mask for a 79-year-old man with health problems. Over the ear elastic in a darker color for a man. I can pick it up for him. Thanks!

    Dianne "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Could I pick up a mask for my 5 year old, as well as a mask for myself and my husband? No flower one for my husband but OK for me and my child. We'd prefer to have the tie kind for my daughter, but over the ear for my husband and I is fine. Thank you!

    karin17 "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Need a set of masks for two adult males, one over the ears style and one set ties. Thanks again! Dawn

    Maskgirl53 "(over 1 year ago)"
  • I cannot find the 'I have a need' button. I need 2 masks, one for an adult woman and one for a 3-year-old girl. Flowers are fine. Over the ear elastic is fine. Thank you so much!

    chilecat "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Hi - I'm working with the TRACE COVID project at OSU. We have some new volunteers working on the survey this weekend. We are looking for a donation of a dozen masks. Thanks!

    carrollk "(over 1 year ago)"
  • All requests for mask must go through the “ I have a need“ button at the top of this page. It is red. We can’t process orders any other way.

    elizwyatt "(over 1 year ago)"
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